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Arrival Instructions


PLEASE NOTE:  Specific information needed to access/use the property, such as codes, WiFi info, etc., is sent out 30 minutes before check in time (so 2:30 p.m. ET).  Meanwhile, here is the general arrival instructions/property information below. This page will be available throughout your stay or feel free to print!

This unit comes with up to two offstreet p
arking spots. Go up the driveway to access the lot behind the units. You can park in any spot.

IMPORTANT!!!! PLEASE NOTE: There is a step down from the bedroom area into the kitchen area. When entering the unit from the parking area you will enter the bedroom. The bedroom leads to kitchen and that is where you will step down into the kitchen area. 

How to enter
If you are looking at the back of the house Unit B is on the right. Unit A is a small office which is great because nobody is there at night and you cannot hear anything at all between units during the day. To access Unit B, please enter the lockbox code provided. Lockbox is located on the ledge on your left when you first walk into the covered area by the front door (see image). The key opens both the back and front doors. Enter the code into the lockbox (as mentioned, the code will be sent to you 30 min before check in).


You may have to hit the reset/clear button/lever (located at the bottom of the lockbox keypad) prior to entering in the code. Inside the lockbox will be 1 unit key (unless otherwise discussed).


Use the same code to secure the lockbox. Again, you may need to press down on the reset/clear button/lever at the bottom of the lockbox keypad to get it to close. After entering the code, hold that lever down to close the box. If for some reason you still cannot close the box, to avoid a fee, please call us at 470-344-5860. If it's after 10 p.m. ET, please call the next day to let us know.

Lock Outs and Lost Keys
***PLEASE be mindful of the whereabouts of the keys as there is a $75 lock out fee, a $20 fee for key replacement.***

Trash and recycling

Trash Day is Tuesday. Please be sure to take bins down to the street each Monday evening and ensure all trash is bagged and tied. Green bins for trash and blue for recycling. The Trash bins are stored in the covered trash bin storage in the parking area, behind the unit.

The cable provider is sling television. Using the Roku remote, click the top right button and toggle to sling to access. As the TVs are also internet enabled, you can sign in to your various preferred accounts, e.g., HBO GO, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

Pest Control

We take pest control seriously, especially living in the wooded south!! In some cases we have indoor/outdoor treatments done more frequently than a typical home would likely do (bi-monthly versus quarterly). We will coordinate with you when access to the home is required for the indoor treatments. This schedule should prevent any issues, but if you do see bugs please let us know and we can have a spot treatment done.

After hours contact
We care immensely about your experience while staying with us and we think you will find that we are typically quite responsive should you reach out during your stay.

That being said, we do also need sleep on occasion, so we kindly ask that if possible, anything that the majority of people would not consider to be a bonafide emergency (such as where to find the best bagels) wait to be asked the following business day if after normal business hours (6 p.m. ET on).

Should you have a bonafide emergency or a highly urgent matter that requires an immediate conversation with us after the midnight hour (or more like after 10 p.m.) please CALL us to do not send a text or email.

Again our main line is 470-344-5860.

And of course if you are in a life-threatening situation call 911!!

Things nearby, events & activities

Atlanta Beltline access is walking distance to this property. While the trail point is still "rustic" it's fully accessible. If you prefer to drive to the access point, you can park at the Publix Supermarket. The access point is between Publix and Bank of America. Once on the trail turn left to head toward Piedmont Park. 


Please click here to review other very helpful info you will need for your stay:

•    Safety tips
•    Troubleshooting
•    Friendly reminders
•    Housekeeping

Thanks so much we look so forward to Hosting you while in Atlanta!
David, Jenn, & your LOCAL Team

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