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Safety Tips

***IMPORTANT!!!*** Do not keep valuables in your vehicle and be sure your doors and windows are secured in both your vehicle and your home. Always be aware of your surroundings.

If you accessed unit keys through a lockbox, be sure to securely close it after use.

Inclement Weather & Other Hazards/Happenings:

Check these sites for updates regarding severe weather in the area as well as traffic/road closures.


Also here's a link to NOTIFYATL - you can register to receive important alerts such as road closures, water boil advisories, and more:

Clean out Dryer Lint Traps:
Be sure to clean out the lint trap in the dryer regularly, as it is the leading cause of dryer fires in homes.

Drip Faucets: 
If the outside temperature is set to drop below freezing (32oF/0oC) please be sure to drip the faucets to prevent pipe damage/flooding.

Call 911:
Immediately contact 911 if you feel you are in any physical danger whatsoever!


Wifi Not Working:
First, please try to reboot the wireless box, which is typically located in a closet. If rebooting does not solve the issue, please contact us for assistance.

Power Outage:
If your unit is without power, check the Georgia Power outage map to confirm if it's an outage and to find out the estimated restoration time. IF the estimated outage time is considerable (greater than 12 hours) please contact us for assistance. Outage Map

Partial Power Outage: 
If you lose power in only a specific room such as a bathroom it could be a quick fix like resetting the GFIC on an outlet or flipping a breaker. Here are helpful tips to help investigate/DIY, or feel free to message us for assistance.  Reset Outlets and Other Helpful Tips

Water Outage:
check here for any water-related advisories from the City of Atlanta including temporary outages and unsafe conditions.  Media Advisories

Friendly Reminders

Unfortunately bugs are common in the south, especially during the warmer months and during the transition from spring to summer and sometimes even during the transition from summer to fall. We agree that bugs are unsettling and unwanted inside the home. As such, we have all of our ground level free standing homes on more frequent treatment schedules than a typical homeowner would. Even still, you may occasionally see bugs, such as the large "water bugs" that are common during the spring and summer months. If you see water bugs or any other types of bugs please contact asap and we will get pest control out ASAP for an unscheduled visit. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

Quiet Enjoyment:

Your quiet enjoyment is important to us, so we do our very best to avoid needing access to our property during your stay. 


However, while infrequent, on occasion we (or our owners/landlords/vendors) may need to gain access to our property during your stay, especially since our stays tend to be longer term.


The need for access is typically for more pressing matters such as potential water leaks, HVAC, or appliance issues, etc., but can also be for more routine services that are required to help keep the property in tip top shape, such as pest control treatments or other necessary/routine maintenance needs.


On the rare occasions where we have to enter the premises for an unplanned visit, we try to give as much notice as possible, but sometimes the notice given to us (from our Landlords or Owner Clients) is shorter than we would prefer. Should that happen during your stay we apologize in advance for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  


How to Avoid Dreaded Extra Fees:

Our properties/buildings are 100% smoke-free. Please refrain from any kind of smoking in these units or in any building common areas (if applicable) to avoid hefty fees. Also, note that our buildings do have exterior cameras in the common areas. 

Please be mindful of the whereabouts of the unit keys and parking passes to avoid costly replacement fees (vary by unit/building and can get quite costly). We also recommend leaving an extra key in your secure lockbox (where applicable) to prevent lockouts. 


Please keep in mind that there's a cap for utility usage. It's not an unreasonable cap, however, we recommend that you set your thermostats so that the A/C or heat doesn't run excessively while you are not in the unit. Also please report any dripping faucets or running toilets to us as soon as possible. 

Accidents happen, we totally understand. We just greatly appreciate any effort you make toward saving our item from total ruin (and keeping it nice for you next time!). Acting fast and pre-treating stains can often make a huge difference. So whenever possible, please treat spills or other mishaps on towels or linens immediately to help prevent a permanent situation. Also, please be sure to separate our black make up towels from our white towels when laundering. Excessive staining (of multiple items or items that look like they were inappropriately used) may result in replacement fees. Stain removal tips

Throw Blankets:
Some of our units have throw blankets "throws" in the living room and/or bedroom. While we provide these throws for the comfort of our Guests, we do realize that it's a bit tricky because some people are not thrilled about the idea of sharing throws with others. We totally understand. And if you are uncomfortable with using a throw please feel free to place it in the closet until your departure. Amazon is a great place to purchase more inexpensive throws for your stay if you prefer a new one. Some  of our throw blankets are machine washable. If the throw in your unit is machine washable, as indicated by a tag, we are okay with you washing and drying it per the instructions. However, some throws are dry clean only. We do dry clean our throws on a regular schedule but not between every stay. If you wish to dry clean one of our throws, we are okay with it -- just let us know. But please DO NOT WASH A DRY CLEAN ONLY THROW as it will ruin it and we will have to charge for replacing it (and they are not inexpensive). Thanks so much!


Housekeeping, etc.

Mid-Stay Cleans:

Need a hand?  Schedule permitting we can coordinate mid-stay cleans.

Dog Hiking Adventure Services:

Staying for a bit and have a pup? We highly recommend Two Chicks and a Pack! Tell Laraine David, Jenn, (and Jackson) sent you! 

Basic Departure Instructions:

We also send instructions out to you a day before your departure, but many Guests like to prepare early and have requested we provide in our FAQs so here they are! Please and thank you apply to all!

  • Check out is 11:00 AM. Avoid fees with a timely departure.

  • Return any furniture that was moved back to its original spot.

  • Ensure exterior windows and doors are closed and locked.

  • Close the blinds and turn off the lights.

  • Set the thermostat(s) to 68° F/20° C in the winter or 74° F/23° C in the summer.

  • To avoid pests for the next Guests, please take out any trash to the chute or curb as applicable. 

  • Be sure to log out of any personal internet accounts, e.g., Roku, etc.                                       

  • Do a final walk-through to ensure you left no personal items behind!

  • Return the keys and parking pass(es) (as applicable) to the appropriate places, e.g. lockbox, front desk, etc.  

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